Household solutions

PV complement with battery intelligently (E-Hybrid), combined with a variety of low-voltage DC household appliances, to provide users with the normal use of household appliances during the period of no power, can not use mains when have electricity, greatly saving electricity.

These combined applications not only improve the efficiency of energy use, but also promote environmental protection and sustainable development, providing users with a comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy living environment

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Industrial and commercial solutions

PV complement with utility intelligently (E-Hybrid), combined with a variety of commercial appliances to maximize the use of green energy generated by PV, thus reducing the dependence on utility, for industrial and commercial enterprises to bring greater economic benefits.

This combination not only improves the use of green energy and reduces the consumption of traditional energy, but also promotes environmental protection and sustainable development, creating a comfortable and healthy living environment.

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Introducing the first Huawei laptop to support the P3 wide colour gamut, with the outstanding colour accuracy for both P3 and sRGB, HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is able to present dazzlingly realistic colours, for a better look and more immersive viewing experience.

With 100% detection coverage, you can tap anywhere on the large, precision-engineered trackpad and be sure of powerfully responsive control.

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PV direct drive Load & real-time complementary output of PV and battery energy