Off Grid Solar Inverter/

2kva Off Grid Solar Inverter

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High energy efficiency:

Rated power 2000VA/1600W
Pure sine wave AC stable output
Built-in 80A MPPT, its efficiency>99.9%
High voltage PV input voltage range of 30-400VDC
The maximum charge conversion efficiency is 98%
Solar power supplies the load output directly
Can run without batteries

Intelligent management:

Use smart chips and algorithms to increase battery life
Intelligent charge management to optimize battery life
Support a variety of custom designs
Compatible with mains voltage
Automatically adjust the optimal charging voltage according to the application
WIFI and GPRS modules can be used for IOS and android
Built-in lithium battery automatic activation

Safe & reliable:

Wall-mounted, built-in dust kit for harsh environments
Over current protection/Over voltage protection/Under voltage protection/Over temperature protection
Industrial grade heat dissipation design
AC bypass power supply
Smart grid automatic adaptation